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The Truth About TeraForma Health and Power Health International

If you've ever considered or been burned, betrayed, and back-stabbed by income opportunity, home based business opportunity, business opportunity, health related income opportunity, multi-level marketing scam opportunity, MLM Scam, Fast Money Scam or the Power of easy money, then please read on. It could be the most important website that have ever visited.


Most Income or Business Opportunities have fled to deliver on their promises for the past 50 years. The pursuit of the "Financial Free Lifestyle" has cost hundreds of thousands of people their friends, their fortunes and their sacred honor. The fact is that Home Based Business Opportunities are fatally flawed, meaning that it CANNOT work for most people.


If you haven't yet abandoned your dreams, then you need to learn more about this company! Earning the kind of income you've dreamed about is easier than you think!

Power Health International affords you an incredible opportunity to earn a living for doing something you're already doing. Our company has all four essential elements needed for your success.


In addition to Ms. Kathy Seitan, CNC, Founder, President, Power Health International's Corporate Leadership Team consists of among some of the world's top, highly respected, prominent professionals with successful business practices worldwide, and whose combined business experience exceeds more than a Century. This team has proven for years, worldwide, that they have the knowledge, experience, ability and all other elements necessary in order to have a successful company that will grow year after year.

Our Corporate Business Team consists of successful Leaders in Businesses Worldwide whose specialties include, but are not limited to; Marketing Advertising, Land Development, Real Estate, Construction, Management, Banking, Finance, Television, Nutrition and Referral Network Marketing.


Our Pay Plan has married the best of all pay plans on the market today to create an exciting and powerful pay plan that has all the features to help you succeed. Our pay plan is designed to allow you to earn money fast and long-term. You can participate at any level that you wish -- You control your own destiny. The unique features of our pay plan reward both part-timers and full-time professionals. Fast Start Bonuses, allows a new member to start earning cash money immediately Our pay plan was designed with you, the distributor's success in mind by setting attainable levels of achievement.


We offer an exciting and powerful range of products:

Health and Nutrition Products which have been formulated to be the very best products using only the highest quality of natural ingredients.
The Power Advantage Benefits Program is NOT insurance. It is, however a Powerful Discount Savings Plan that can save you on average 20% to 50% on Health Care and Related services with NO forms or claims to fill out.
Our Customer Acquisition Program (CAP), features the Internet's most complete Business Resource Center, Voice-Over IP which virtually eliminates your long distance phone bill and a Massive Advertising designed to place customers and distributors directly into your business organizations.
The FHAP is a fast and convenient way to evaluate your current level of health and future health risks. Based on state-of-the-art medical research, the FHAP provides you a detailed, personalized and private report of your current health status, risk factors for future illness, and recommended lifestyle, nutritional, and health screenings to direct you toward optimum well-being.


Our All-Star Team has put together the EASIEST and MOST Duplicable System in the Industry. The system's simplicity makes it one of the most effective ever developed. All YOU need to do it plug into it!

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