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4 Reasons why you Never Lose Weight Even if you Put a Lot of Effort

Author: Gordon Freeman

So you started this plan of losing weight and you entered into the realm of strict dieting and rigorous exercises. But after a few weeks of exercises and even starvation, you are still not losing enough weight.

Aside from making your metabolism fast, cutting down huge chunks of carbs, doing rigorous exercises with thrive weight loss, there are other factors you need to address whilst losing weight - mesmerenterprizes.com/thrive-weight-loss-reviews.html. Hormonal changes and menopause are associated with not losing enough weight. Sometimes, your exercises needed to be shaken up a bit to step up your game. But more than these, it's the little psychological things that can alter your weight loss program such as:

- You check your Facebook before going to bed

Checking social media like Facebook easily eats up the time you should have spent sleeping. You can easily lose weight if you have at least 7 hours of sleep but checking your social media easily takes away a few hours of your time. Sleeping less than 7 hours slows down your metabolism, increases your blood sugar and stress hormones.

- You take too much diet soda

Just because it is called a diet soda doesn't mean it doesn't contain sugar or artificial sugar. Research showed that artificial sweeteners can add up to gaining weight. So the next time you drink soda or anything that says “diet” make sure to look at the content. If it contains aspartame or sucralose and saccharin, it is a no go.

- Being a drama queen

Becoming emotional especially for women drives you to overeat. Stress and being emotional are the precursors for binge eating. Instead of eating cheeseburgers, fries, cakes and other sweets, switch to a healthier snack option like veggie dips, whole grain and Greek yogurt.

- Living in the world of Edward Cullen and the vampire

Being a night owl does not help our cause to weight loss than those early risers. A study at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine showed such. As the sun shines early in the morning, your body synchronizes with it causing to a regular sleeping pattern at night. This will make your metabolism faster and fat burn even faster.

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