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First Ever Bible Study

As I walked in the door to my house yesterday afternoon, completely exhausted, I threw myself on to my bed face first. The only way to properly lay down when exhaustion is at its highest, clearly. After a few seconds of not being able to breathe, I got up and laid down in a normal position. I had just gone to the grocery store for my mom for Thanksgiving. I mean she is cooking it all so I wanted to help in someway besides on the day of, so I volunteered to go to the store for her.

Two things I learned grocery shopping for Thanksgiving:

1. Get a basket that wheels properly
2. Say yes when they ask if someone can help me out to my car.

I was thoroughly exhausted, but because sometimes I think I'm superwoman I did it anyway.

Once I was lying in bed, resting, half asleep, I had two options.

1. Turn the TV on and just relax
2. Open my new Bible Study book on the book of Proverbs and just relax

I chose the latter.

I have never done a real, actual Bible Study so I'm as new to it as Bella was today walking in the snow this morning. Newbie, rookie, whatever you want to call it, that's what I am when it comes to this kind of stuff. I have never really studied the Bible and I know it is time to change that. Not because I think I HAVE to do it or I NEED to, to be a "good Christian." I simply want to because I want to know Jesus better. I want to soak up His word, Marvel in it. Dive in it. Rest in it. Most of all I want to because for me, everyday when I set aside time for Him (and I mean more time than 5 minutes of reading Jesus Calling), that is when I am truly happy and able to live my life out of pure joy. I can't rely on my family, on Nicholas, on a workout, on a healthy meal, or even a cute outfit to make my day. I have learned I have to rely on His word for that and for a very long time I forgot that. So here I am, taking a plunge into His waters, taking a dive into His word, hungry for more.

Why I chose Proverbs? Well it was one of the recommended studies on a young womans blog that I admire and look up to so much. So, there's that and also I do want to understand Proverbs better so that I have a better guide for my own life. So that I can fully get how to apply what it says about every subject in life to my own, straight from the Bible, and not only to apply them but to know WHY to. I want to know more about the Bible because I want to know more about my Savior because when I know more about Him, I am able to live my life for Him, in the happiest state of mind.

As I follow this study, I will blog and keep you updated on occasion when things really stick out that I know the Lord may want me to share. For now, I just ask, if you are a believer to pray for me and my heart, that I am able to see what God wants me to see, share what He wants me to share, and learn what He wants me to learn.