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Defination of Fitness

Author: Antonio Lanzavecchia

In psychology, the word refers to the ability of an individual psychological conditions that are related to their skills and capabilities in the field of learning. The concept comes from the Latin aptus.

For example: "My son has a great aptitude for music", "We look for people with ability to generate new business opportunities", "Sorry, but I have no aptitude for this kind of work."

In this sense we can establish that when we refer to the term fitness capacity are determining that a particular person is in the area of logic or mathematics. Thus, we could emphasize that the types of skills that an individual can own musical capabilities are, analytical capacity, inductive reasoning ability or observation.

Also with them should be highlighted is another common occurrence among many individuals. We are referring to physical fitness is the ability to bring some of those out doing exercise (read http://americanpowerliftevolution.net/ultima-replenisher-reviews.html) and keeping pace optimum performance while fatigue is minimal.

In this sense, athletes are people who have such ability and are characterized by the fact that because it must have the opportunity to get recovered in very short time after an exercise.

A distinction between the use of the term in everyday language and psychology. In everyday speech, fitness refers to the ability of an individual to perform an activity correctly and efficiently. In psychology, however, the term is linked to emotional traits of the subject and their ability regarding cognition. The ability, in this sense, is associated with the natural ability of the subject, to acquire knowledge and learning from what is known as intelligence.

The ability, therefore, may be part of various human dimensions, from the ability to understand sentences and texts to abstract reasoning and logical skills through manual or power analysis.

Moreover, fitness is a concept of biology that is used in the context of the theory of evolution. The word to describe the ability of a particular genotype for reproduction, which is related to the amount of the individual genes and their ratio with respect to all the genes of the next generation.

Many are the times I have confused two concepts that are pronounced similarly like attitude and aptitude, which is what we are addressing here. In this case, the first term is to define the position adopted by the body of a person and which expresses the intention to have the same. For example, you could use the following sentence to explain the meaning: "For more than Mary looked at her son always saw in him the same attitudes that surprised him, those of an experienced speaker."

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